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From Frail to Fit: Best Senior Exercise Options

…a senior exercise regimen is essential to success. Try these ideas to make it something enjoyable that he or she will look forward to:

  • Participate in an exercise program with the senior. It’s always more enjoyable to exercise with a buddy.
  • Add the senior’s favorite, upbeat music.
  • Designate a dedicated time every day specifically for exercise,

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Exercise vs. Medication: What’s Best for Combating Common Senior Health Problems?

…a number of health problems, this is particularly true. Studies are showing that, surprisingly, physician-approved older adult workout routines can be as beneficial as typically-prescribed medications in combating or treating many of the major causes of death. In one study, researchers compared the usefulness of exercise vs. medication. The results consistently showed that both medications and exercise shared practically the…

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The Advantages of Exercise for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Exercise for seniors with Alzheimer’s provides a wealth of benefits in each stage of the disease. The numerous advantages of exercise are obvious, but what isn’t as well recognized is that exercise for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be particularly helpful in many different ways. It can help decrease the risk for muscle weakness as well as other…

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Eliminate Senior Fitness Barriers With These Tips

…Illness or Fatigue: Exercises can be personalized to match the senior’s energy level, and he or she may slowly increase the endurance level over time.

Keep in mind that the way to ensure success with an exercise plan is to see that the older adult feels comfortable and safe with the plan and the exercises. If tenderness is observed…

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Therapy/Rehabilitation Services

…living (eating, bathing, dressing, etc.)

  • Training to increase range of motion, coordination and endurance
  • Facilitation of oral motor skills
  • Physical Therapy:
    • Mobility training
    • Exercise to increase strength, range of motion and endurance
    • Balance exercise and training to address safety prevent falls
    • Home exercise programs
    • Home safety evaluations
    • Instruction…
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  • A Caregiver’s Role in Managing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

    …salt also makes for tougher breathing. Exercise Regular physical exercise is fundamental for effective COPD symptom management. In general, it enhances endurance and improves blood circulation, making for improved use of oxygen. Upper body exercises help with breathing and the ability to complete daily activities. Lower body exercises like stair climbing and track or treadmill walking have also been…

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    Give the Gift of Self-Care for Family Caregivers This Holiday Season

  • Exercise regularly
  • Exercise is the original “feel good” elixir. It helps you sleep better and wake up rested and ready to face another strenuous day. Regular exercise improves both your emotional and physical wellness, keeping your mind attentive and body fine-tuned and full of energy.

  • Get a sufficient amount of sleep
  • This may be easier said…

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    Rehabilitation Services to Assist with Osteoarthritis Management Strategies

    …by a full 50 percent for some individuals. Exercise Routine physical exercise helps keep joints active, reduces pain and makes muscles around the joints stronger. Swimming is specifically appropriate for people with osteoarthritis since the water’s buoyancy provides for exercise with minimal impact stress to the joints while developing strength and increasing range of motion. Warm and Cold Therapy Warm…

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