24-Hour Care to Help Seniors Age at Home Without Facing a Move

A caregiver providing 24-hour care to help a senior age at home hugs an older loved one as they laugh.

Help a senior age at home with 24-hour care and avoid a move elsewhere.

At first, caring for Mom may have just taken up a few hours of the week. But now, she’s starting to need help throughout most of the day and maybe even into the night. Now, you’re realizing Mom would feel most secure with someone around 24/7, ensuring her needs are met and ready to tackle any unexpected situations.

With this in mind, now could be the perfect time to learn how 24-hour care can help seniors age at home!

What Is 24-Hour Care?

Care requirements aren’t on anyone’s schedule. Older loved ones’ health and well-being are priorities around the clock. While some may manage with daytime care, others face challenges at night, calling for the support of a professional caregiver. Enter 24-hour care.

24-hour care ensures that there are two or more caregivers present around the clock to help individuals aging at home with their daily care needs. This model ensures there’s always a caregiver actively meeting their needs, offering peace of mind knowing a trusted professional is on hand day and night.

24-Hour Care vs. Live-In Care

Though similar, there are important distinctions between 24-hour care and live-in care to guide you in choosing the right fit for a loved one.

Live-in care requires that the caregiver has a private bedroom, but not that they will be providing active care at all times. In contrast, 24-hour care ensures caregivers are paid hourly for their continuous attention.

Is 24-Hour Care the Right Choice?

If you’re grappling with this decision, consider these questions:

  • Is providing a live-in caregiver with a private bedroom impractical?
  • Does the person need active care around the clock?
  • Do concerns about overnight wandering or incontinence keep you up at night?

If you answered “yes,” 24-hour care might be the best option! And if you’re in Burlington or the nearby areas, Advanced Home Health Care offers 24-hour home care services tailored to help older adults age at home. Our personalized and attentive care ensures older loved ones get the support they deserve. If you’re in Burlington, Fort Madison, Keokuk, Mt. Pleasant, Mediapolis, or the surrounding areas and want to learn more about our services and arrange an in-home consultation, contact us online or call 800-791-7785 today!



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