Our Donnellson IA Home Health Care Experts’ Tips to Ease Transitions After Surgery

donnellson ia home health careIt’s such a feeling of relief when the medical staff informs you that your senior loved one is ready to be released from the hospital following surgery. But as they hand you that packet of discharge papers and instructions, a bit of uncertainty may begin to creep in. Will your loved one be able to care for herself at home? Prepare to ease transitions after surgery from hospital to home by getting answers to these questions prior to surgery:

  • Who will pick up prescriptions? Will I need to rely on a relative for this task? Will he or she be available when I need a refill?
  • Who will answer questions about the medications? Should I contact my doctor, the pharmacist, or does the hospital have someone else for me to contact with questions regarding care?
  • What phone numbers do I need to have on hand?
  • What kind of medical equipment might be needed (such as a walker, crutches, or telehealth devices), and who will provide them?
  • What kinds of tasks might be difficult to perform when returning home given the nature of the surgery? (Ex. bathing, dressing, climbing stairs, picking up prescription drugs, cooking, shopping, driving, etc.)
  • What activities are not recommended following surgery?
  • What signs or symptoms should I watch for that might indicate a problem during recovery?
  • Will the medications cause drowsiness or confusion?

Empowering yourself and your loved one with knowledge can pave the way to ease transitions after surgery from hospital to home, but the best way to prevent post-hospitalization difficulties is by enlisting the services of a professional Donnellson IA home health care agency such as Advanced Home Health Care. We can help your loved one get settled back in comfortably after surgery, pick up prescriptions, and make sure he or she remains safe and well. Contact us any time at 800-791-7785 to learn more.


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