Eliminate Senior Fitness Barriers With These Tips

senior fitness

It can be difficult for seniors to maintain a fitness regimen; let Advanced Home Health Care help.

Engaging in a routine fitness regimen is challenging at any age. Working out is tedious. We would prefer not to invest the time. We’re feeling the pain from yesterday’s exercises. We’ve all made excuses such as these for avoiding physical fitness; but frailty and aging make it even more daunting to keep up with an exercise regimen and maintain senior fitness.

Advanced Home Health Care, providers of top-rated elder care in Keokuk and surrounding communities in the counties of Des Moines, Lee, Henry, Louisa and Van Buren, hopes to help older adults continue to remain as active as possible with tips to eliminate the following normal senior fitness barriers:

  • Self-confidence: It’s normal for seniors to feel some level of stress with the thought of achieving exercise objectives. It can be beneficial to start the ball rolling slowly with exercises that are easily accomplished and advance little by little; and, encourage the senior consistently.
  • Attitude: Attitude is so crucial when it comes to senior fitness. If approached in a negative way, it will be much more challenging to stick with an effective exercise regimen. Opt for activities that will be fun and that the older adult will look forward to on a regular basis.
  • Pain: The saying, “No pain, no gain” actually isn’t true. Older adults should steer clear of overdoing it, and decrease the intensity level if feeling pain or discomfort.
  • Disabilities: Older individuals with physical or cognitive restrictions can and should stay active according to their ability level. Seek the advice of the doctor for a referral to a personal trainer or physical therapist who can plan a program of specialized exercises.
  • Fear of Injury/Balance Problems: There are a range of assistive devices to permit safe, effective exercising while still maximizing senior fitness.
  • Financial Concerns: It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to remain fit! Walking and other straightforward exercises in and around the house, making use of typical household items, can be incorporated into an exercise regimen at little to no cost.
  • Illness or Fatigue: Exercises can be personalized to match the senior’s energy level, and he or she may slowly increase the endurance level over time.

Keep in mind that the way to ensure success with an exercise plan is to see that the older adult feels comfortable and safe with the plan and the exercises. If tenderness is observed in muscles or joints the day after exercising, a lesser intensity can be implemented; check with the doctor if the pain or discomfort persists.

Advanced Home Health Care‘s caregivers will work with your loved one’s doctor to develop a safe exercise plan in line with his or her abilities to boost strength, independence and overall quality of life. Email or call us at 800.791.7785 to learn more about the positive aspects of daily exercise in improving senior fitness and for more information about our home health care in Keokuk, Iowa and the surrounding communities we serve in the counties of Des Moines, Lee, Henry, Louisa and Van Buren!

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