Easing Senior Loved Ones Into the Idea of Home Care

Woman talking on the couch with senior loved one

The idea of home care can feel overwhelming, and even a little threatening, for older adults, but there are ways to ease them into the idea without overstepping boundaries.

As experts in senior home care, we witness firsthand every day the joy, companionship, and elevated quality of life older individuals receive from caregiving. But we also know that many seniors initially reject the idea of home care help. 

To help overcome a loved one’s resistance to the care required, it’s beneficial to first comprehend why they are against help at home. And while naturally each individual will have unique reasoning to support declining help, some of the prevalent feelings include: 

  • A desire to remain in control, and not wanting someone to come in and “take over” 
  • Not wanting a “stranger” in the home 
  • Fear of lost independence and freedom 
  • Feelings of embarrassment or shame about the need to be dependent on someone else 

What’s the Top Reason Seniors Balk at the Idea of Home Care? 

What might surprise you, however, is the leading concern older adults express about in-home care: that they won’t have any ideas about how to entertain the person providing care. 

It’s important to listen to the specific issues your loved one expresses about accepting assistance at home, to acknowledge those feelings, and to supply factual information to help the individual better understand what professional caregiver services involve. 

For example, the caregivers at Advanced Home Health Care are: 

  • Proficient at promoting independence and freedom in seniors, empowering them to continue to make their own decisions and simply offering support where necessary 
  • Extensively trained and experienced in a broad range of aging caregiving services, including respectful attention to care needs with the dignity each person deserves 
  • Carefully paired with a senior based on personality, likes/dislikes, interests, and more, bringing about a fast bond between both the older adult and caregiver 
  • Thoroughly background checked, screened, bonded and insured, for safety and peace of mind 

Partnering with Advanced Home Health Care for professional caregiver services is the ideal solution for many seniors who want to continue to live at home throughout aging and prevent the need for moving to a nursing home. All of our services start with a complimentary in-home meeting, where we take time to listen to any problems and challenges being faced, and to develop a highly individualized care plan to address those needs in a way that helps seniors thrive. 

With benefits including enhanced safety, diminished risk of falls, hospitalizations and emergency room visits, reduced loneliness, and the independence to go wherever, whenever the senior pleases, seniors have much to gain through engaging the services of our expert care team. Call us at 800.791.7785 to find out more about how we can help! 

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