Planning Holiday Activities for Seniors? These Tips Will Ensure Success!

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Plan the perfect holiday activities for seniors with these tips.

The holiday season is chock-full of get-togethers, celebrations, and parties. However, for an elderly loved one, holiday outings require a little supplemental planning. Follow these guidelines from the elder care experts at Advanced Home Health Care to be able to enjoy fun and relaxed outings with loved ones of all ages this season.

Before leaving the house, consider:

  • The amount of walking required, and if there will be parking nearby
  • Whether the destination is flat or has hills or steps to climb
  • If there will be wheelchair access (if appropriate)
  • Whether there is cover and shade
  • Whether you can find bathroom facilities
  • If there are seats available in case your loved one wants to rest

Be certain to plan for a wide variety of potential changes in plans:

  • Have all necessary medicines on hand, and take an extra supply, in the event the outing lasts longer or takes an unanticipated turn
  • Have proper clothing as well as sun and rain protection
  • Bring along something to eat and drink with you, in the event of a delay

Need some holiday outing suggestions that older adults will take pleasure in? Take into consideration the following:

  • Take a relaxing family drive to view the area holiday lights
  • If it is feasible and received warmly, invite the older person to your home to help decorate for the holidays
  • Assist your older loved one at a holiday party for seniors at a local senior center
  • Attend local and community plays; in addition to the local theater or ballet, there are reasonably priced plays and shows given by local schools

When engaging in any holiday activities for seniors, take things slow and create an environment that is relaxed to make sure your loved one is comfortable and happy. The experts in memory care in Mt. Pleasant and nearby areas at Advanced Home Health Care can assist by maximizing your loved one’s independence while providing high quality in-home care during the holiday season and throughout the rest of the year! Contact our dedicated senior care professionals at 800.791.7785 to find out more. See the full list of communities we service throughout Iowa.

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