Respite Care Offers Practical Help Following a Stroke

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Recovering from a stoke is safer and easier with a trusted in-home care partner.

Enduring and going through recovery following a stroke is an emotionally and physically challenging undertaking, and the main thing you long for is to return to your everyday life. However, because more than 2/3 of survivors typically have some means of disability, as reported by the National Stroke Association, in-home safety adjustments may be needed to make post-stroke life easier and safer.

The great news is that there are some simple steps that can make the home safer and more accessible for somebody who is recovering from a stroke. Following are several post-stroke home adjustment guidelines from Advanced Home Health Care:

Fall Prevention:

About 40% of stroke survivors sustain serious falls within a year after their strokes. These pointers can help prevent trips and falls in the house:

  • Be sure hallways and pathways to the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are clear so the individual can move about with ease
  • Consider stair glides or platform lifts for any stairs in the house
  • Take out or secure loose rugs
  • Install grab bars in the shower or tub
  • Mount a tub bench or shower chair
  • Position non-slip mats both in and out of the bathtub

Make Laundry Day Easier:

Doing laundry requires a lot of reaching, lifting, ducking and pulling that can be hard for someone recovering from a stroke. The modifications below can help:

  • Move the washer and dryer to a more easily accessible location in the home
  • Consider using stackable, front-loading machines that may be easier to reach
  • Set up detergents and other laundry supplies in an easy to reach location
  • Utilize an ironing board that folds down from the wall

Make the Bedroom Safer:

The bedroom ought to be a place of safety and sanctuary. To make sure it stays that way post-stroke, consider these tips:

  • Install a light switch near the bed
  • Rearrange clothes and personal items so they are easier to access
  • Place a commode chair close to the bed

With our in-home safety assessments and recommendations, Advanced Home Health Care of Burlington and the surrounding area can help confirm that your loved one’s home is safe and secure for stroke recovery. Our fully trained caregivers offer respite care to Burlington families, providing help after a stroke for loved ones to make life easier and improve recovery. Call us today at 800.791.7785 or reach out via our online contact form to learn more about our Burlinton, IA rehabilitation services and home care.

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