Coping With Inappropriate Behavior Caused by a Brain Injury

There are many different types of brain injuries, but certain behavioral difficulties are common regardless of the type of brain injury that occurs. Some inappropriate behaviors caused by a brain injury may be more or less likely based on the area and severity of the trauma, but your loved one might demonstrate one or more of these behaviors throughout TBI recovery, regardless of the specifics of the injury.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

The brain is arguably the most important, most complicated organ in your body. It is in charge of absolutely everything. It works behind the scenes, keeping us alive, and in the foreground as the home of our awareness. This is why, not surprisingly, when someone experiences a traumatic brain injury, there is so much concern.

How Relationships Are Affected by a TBI & How to Overcome the Obstacles

Among the numerous life changes after a traumatic brain injury (TBI), close relationships are affected in a variety of ways due to: Modifications in responsibilities Adjustments in relationship roles Problems with communicating Handling emotions and mood swings Getting used to these changes often results in feelings of uncertainty in the relationship, which can create additional stress, anxiety, and frustration.