Tips from Advanced Home Health Care to Soothe Caregiver Burnout

home health careIn our last blog post, we shared some of the red flags that can indicate imminent caregiver burnout, as well as the dangers to both the overly-stressed caregiver and the care receiver herself. One of the most critical steps to take when feeling overwhelmed with caregiving stress is to take a time-out to take care of yourself.

These tips, courtesy of Advanced Home Health Care, offering in-home elder care in Burlington and surrounding areas, can help reduce caregiver burnout, allowing you to provide the very best possible care for your senior loved one:

  • Quiet your mind by taking time for yourself to relax with soothing music, prayer, or meditation.
  • Focus on engaging in one activity a day that brings enjoyment to you. This does not even necessarily have to involve leaving home, but can be as simple as taking a momentary break to do something positive.
  • Exercise regularly: walking, going to exercise class, riding a bike, or utilizing an online or DVD fitness program.
  • Eat healthy meals. Don’t give in to the urge to indulge in too many sweets or drink too much alcohol.
  • Get plenty of sleep. If you’re kept awake at night, try taking a nap during the day to catch up on much-needed rest.
  • Share your feelings. Join a caregiver support group in your area to allow you to express your thoughts and share information with others in similar circumstances. If it’s too difficult to leave home to participate in a local support group, you can interact with other caregivers in “virtual” support groups on caregiving websites.
  • Look into available community resources such as adult daycare centers, in-home senior respite care and meal delivery services. This will allow you some freedom to take care of errands and allow for some personal time, as well as providing health monitoring, transportation, nursing care and therapeutic recreation for the senior.

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone! Advanced Home Health Care is available to partner with you in developing a personalized plan of care for your senior loved one, noting his or her unique concerns, interests, preferences and more. Our specially trained, experienced caregivers can assist with a full range of in-home senior care needs, from personal assistance with bathing and dressing, to transportation, housekeeping, shopping, and much more.

We provide top-rated Burlington elder care as well as care throughout the counties of Des Moines, Lee, Henry, Louisa and Van Buren. Contact us any time to learn more by calling 800-791-7785 or filling out our brief online contact form.


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