What Are Your Options? How to Get Help Paying for Home Care Products

home care productsDoes your loved one need more stability in the bathtub or shower? Does she or he need a walker or rollator to move around? Then it’s likely that you’ll eventually be shopping for home care products. It’s also possible that you’re questioning how to pay for these assistive products, and if any of them are covered under Medicare or insurance.

Like in-home care services, there are multiple different options when it comes to paying for home care equipment and supplies. The following are a few of the possibilities available to help you or a loved one purchase home medical products:


If a person is covered by Medicare Part A and qualifies for the Home Health Benefit, then Medicare will cover 80% of the permissible cost for medically necessary durable medical equipment. If a senior is covered by Medicare Part B, he or she doesn’t be required to qualify for the Home Health Benefit, and Medicare will cover 80 percent of the permissible amount for medically necessary durable medical equipment.


Medicaid generally encompasses a broader variety of home care equipment and doesn’t have as many stringent specifications or restrictions as Medicare.

Veteran’s Administration (VA)

The Veteran’s Administration is particularly helpful in supplying durable medical equipment to individuals who qualify. Veterans or spouses of veterans might be qualified for benefits. Learn more at www.va.gov/opa/publications/benefits_book/benefits_chap01.asp.

Other Methods to Cover the Cost of Home Care Equipment

If an individual does not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, or obtains benefits from the Veteran’s Administration, there are a few other options to help cover the cost of home care products. Here are a few tips for utilizing long-term care or health insurance and private funding to purchase the equipment needed:

Long-Term Care Insurance/Health Insurance

If the devices or products required are medically needed, they might be in part covered by some private insurers. Coverage is either based on the individual’s coverage, or, if the person seeking coverage is a dependent, then the family policy should be reviewed for coverage of dependents.

Bear in mind, however, that although having your insurance company cover the cost for some of the expense may appear to be the best deal, it is possible to find the products required at an “out of network” vendor with a reduced cost.

Private Funding

If your loved one needs home care equipment that is not covered through private insurance, consider looking into equipment rental possibilities or formerly owned items such as wheelchairs, scooters and accessible vehicles. Used equipment advertisements may be found in disability newspapers as well as on websites such as www.Craigslist.org, www.ebay.com, and www.unitedaccess.com.

If you would like further assistance either in selecting or buying home care products for your loved one, contact the Iowa home care experts at Advanced Home Health Care today. We can provide a free in-home assessment, make equipment suggestions, arrange for order and delivery, and answer any other home care related questions you may have. Contact us online or call us at 800.791.7785.

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