Planning Holiday Activities for Seniors? These Tips Will Ensure Success!

The holiday season is chock-full of get-togethers, celebrations, and parties. However, for an elderly loved one, holiday outings require a little supplemental planning. Follow these guidelines from the Mt. Pleasant, IA home care experts at Advanced Home Health Care to be able to enjoy fun and relaxed outings with loved ones of all ages this season.

Have Questions About Professional Fort Madison, IA Home Health Care? We Have Answers

You’re concerned that Mom may need some help at home, and so naturally, you know just where to turn for assistance, right? No? Rest assured – you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are faced with the same dilemma, and most people don’t know a lot about home care services until the need for care arises. If you’re in the initial stages of looking into home care options, it’s helpful to…

Home Care for Veterans Is More Available Than You Think

Many times, families make the assumption that given that their loved one is covered by Medicare, paying for care at home is not anything they need to consider. Unfortunately, however, this is a common misconception. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, most people use private funds in paying for care at home. There are several alternatives to look into, though, for home care for veterans and their spouses….

Top ALS Care Tips from Advanced Home Health Care

As a degenerating neurological disease, ALS (sometimes called Lou Gehrig’s Disease) can lead to a wide variety of physical obstacles that can lead to clinical depression. For those providing ALS care for a loved one, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to feel unsure about how to best help the person live life to the fullest and stay optimistic.

The ALS Symptoms You Need to Know for Each Stage of the Disease

Being given a diagnosis of ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) can raise a lot of questions and concerns, both for the individual diagnosed and his or her loved ones. What’s the cause of ALS? What are the ALS symptoms that may be experienced now, and how will they alter in the years to come? Where can I go to find necessary support?

Do You Know What Home Care Services Could Benefit Your Loved One?

In our previous blog post, we outlined the positive factors of utilizing a professional home care agency to provide the highest quality and safest level of senior care services. But we often receive inquiries on precisely what sorts of home care services are available in Fort Madison IA and the surrounding area to help older adults remain safe and thriving. If you have determined it’s time to search for in-home…

Fairly Splitting Family Caregiving Costs Without Splitting Up the Family

Do you remember how hard it could be when you were young to learn the lesson of sharing with your sisters and brothers? Even though the incredible importance of thinking of other people’s feelings, as well as being fair, was impressed upon us while very young, it may still be a hurdle to reduce sibling squabbles with regards to challenging decisions we cope with in adulthood – such as how…

Advanced Home Care Receives Best of S.E. Iowa Honors in 2017 & 2018

In 2017, Advanced Home Health Care was nominated as one of the favorite home health care providers in the Best of Southeast Iowa contest for Burlington and Keokuk. Upon conclusion of the final voting phase, we are happy to announce we were voted #1 for home health care Keokuk IA, and one of the favorites in Burlington! We are equally excited to announce that in 2018, we have once again been…