Do You Know the Signs of Heart Attack in Women? Take the “IF She Were a SWAN…” Challenge

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Learn an easy way to remember the signs of potential heart attack in women by reading more here.

Everybody knows the story pertaining to the ugly duckling who turned out to be a lovely swan. The apparent moral of the story is that certain things, upon first glance, are not what they seem to be. It is with the swan’s story in mind that Advanced Home Health Care invites you to commemorate Women’s Heart Health Month with the “IF She Were a SWAN…” Challenge.

As with men, a woman’s most typical heart attack sign is chest pain. But while a number of heart attacks are immediate and extreme, most of them actually commence slowly and gradually with mild discomfort. The National Institutes of Health reports that women often endure physical signs for as long as a month or more prior to being afflicted by the heart attack itself. And, women are notably more likely than men to suffer from and report some of the other less well known symptoms.

Use the letters in IF and SWAN to remember the additional indicators to be on the lookout for which include:

Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, if you are having any of the symptoms above and suspect it may potentially be a heart attack, even if you’re unsure, it is important to obtain medical help right away. A five-minute difference could save your life. Calling 911 is normally the fastest way to get lifesaving treatment. Emergency medical services staff can initiate treatment up to an hour sooner than going to the hospital by car. They are also trained in reviving somebody whose heart has stopped. Individuals with chest pain who arrive by ambulance also usually receive faster treatment at the hospital.

Although it is important for everybody to know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, it is specifically essential for caregivers to know what to look for when providing care for their loved ones.

If you or someone you love has already experienced a heart attack and needs additional assistance, either at home or in a care facility, Advanced Home Health Care can help with senior home care Burlington and the surrounding areas depend on. Contact us to schedule your free care consultation at 800.791.7785 and learn about all of the communities we serve in Iowa.

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