Aging in Place – Is Staying at Home an Option?

We all face a number of critical crossroads in life, when decisions we make will result in far-reaching effects. The career we choose. Who (or whether) to marry. Whether or not to have children. And as we age, another life-changing decision needs to be made: should we move into an assisted living environment so that we have the level of care needed during our years of aging? Or is aging…

Decrease COPD Symptoms by Cleaning the Air Inside Your Home

Family members providing COPD care for an older loved one know that outdoor air pollution can make symptoms worse. But, did you know that compromised air quality in the home can also aggravate COPD symptoms? Cleaning the air inside the home can help those with COPD – and everyone else in the home – breathe easier.

Learn How to Recognize the Signs of Elder Care Abuse

While it goes without saying that abusing an older adult is something that would never even occur to most people, it’s a tragically typical occurrence in the U.S. Elder care abuse happens in many ways, from emotional to physical, and it affects the most frail and vulnerable among us. Considering that elder care abuse is typically a voiceless problem, it’s crucial for families and friends of older individuals to be…

Be Aware of These Senior Abuse Risk Factors

Providing the assistance that helps seniors remain healthy, happy and independent is the objective of not only our professional senior care experts, but of each and every family caregiver who has ever assisted a loved one. Considering the health and happiness of older individuals is so important to us, it’s vital that we discuss something that can be tough for many of us to even consider – senior abuse.

The Five Stages of Parkinson’s Disease and What to Expect

More likely to strike men, and more common than MS, ALS, and muscular dystrophy combined, Parkinson’s disease is diagnosed in as many as 7 – 10 million individuals internationally, with an additional 600,000 people in America diagnosed every year. And though each person’s experience with Parkinson’s can vary in level of severity, there are 5 main stages of Parkinson’s disease that are normally experienced by all.

Memory Loss Tips to Help Seniors Who Want to Go “Home”

“Home is where the heart is”; but what if the person you love has dementia and says, “I want to go home” when he or she is already home? When you are providing care for a loved one with memory loss issues from Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, unfortunately this discussion can be a common occurrence. And the bewilderment and plaintive yearning being conveyed are nothing short of…

The Potential Impact of Electrode Implants on Stroke Survivors

In a new, ongoing trial, deep-brain stimulation – more commonly used for Parkinson’s patients – is being tested on stroke survivors. Involving the implantation of an electrode that stimulates a particular area of the brain, the anticipated response will be a reversal of the paralysis so often encountered following a stroke, and the restoration of mobility.In order to comprehend how a stroke restricts normal brain function, Laurie Ann Bonkoski, a…

Seniors Trying to Declutter: Here’s Some Much-Needed Downsizing Help!

In Iowa, most of us have areas of our homes designated as storage areas. But oftentimes those storage areas spill over into other areas of the home as increasingly more memorabilia is saved with the thought of, “I can’t get rid of this. I may want it someday.”Yet, what happens when “someday” never happens, and those piles of things turn out to be more of a burden than a benefit?…

Family Caregivers: Review These Warning Signs to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Providing care for a senior loved one, although rewarding, is definitely not for the faint of heart. The 24/7 stress of meeting all of a loved one’s needs can quickly escalate to the dangerous point of caregiver burnout – which leads to the possibility of losing even more patience and experiencing more emotional outbursts. And, not only is the caregiver herself affected by burnout, but the senior suffers as well….